About Us

One Touch Surgicals is a world leading manufacturer of custom designed stainless steel surgical instruments and implants. It is among the fastest growing full service surgical design and supply firms in Paksitan.

One Touch Surgicals specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing new surgical products.

One Touch Surgicals provides its international clientele with precision quality products and efficient service at the lowest possible cost.  For over a half-century, physicians and hospitals across the globe commissioned him to design instruments for the most complicated surgeries.

One Touch Surgicals continues to custom design instruments for many of the nation’s leading surgeons. Specialties include cardiovascular, peripheral-vascular, orthopedic, neuro, plastic, E.N.T., and general surgery.

One Touch Surgical also sells many other top lines of operating room grade surgical equipment. In addition, the company represents many of the nation’s leading manufacturers, both nationally and worldwide.

Excellence in World Class Custom Surgical Instruments & Implants

One Touch Surgicals custom designs and manufactures specialty surgical instruments & implants to meet the specific requirements of hospitals, clinics and surgeons for instrument prototypes to be used in surgery or as a replacement for instruments no longer in production. We bring to market surgical instruments for all specialties including cardiac, vascular, orthopedic, neurologic, ophthalmology, plastic, general, ENT and colorectal surgeries.  Our instrument designers work with surgeons and operating room personnel right from the initial concept discussion of what is required for surgery. Client satisfaction at every stage of development is guaranteed.

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